Can SolidGold FX's Oblivion Quad change the perception of flanger pedals?

Flange is one of the most underrated guitar effects around, and Canadian's SolidGold FX have really gone to town with changing players' perceptions with its new Oblivion Quad Flanger pedal.

The pedal boasts three distinct modes: Classic Thru-Zero, Bi and Quad Flanging with multi-function footswitches for Tap Tempo, Speed Ramping and LFO Braking.

There are multiple low-frequency oscillator waveforms for a vast array of textures as you'll hear in the video above.

(Image credit: SolidGoldFX)

SolidGold FX's Thru-Zero mode evolves the classic flanger, while the Bi-Flange mode offsets a pair of modulating delay lines for a more dramatic sweep sound. The Quad Flange ups the ante even further.

It brings four individual offset modulating delay lines for hulking waves of flange swoosh.  

Other key features include expression capability, true bypass and top-mounted jacks for less width real estate on your 'board.

(Image credit: SoldGoldFX)

The Oblivion Quad Flanger is hand-made at SolidGold FX's facilities in Montreal, Canada and powered by a 9V DC PSU.

It retails for £245 and is currently sold out over at but is available to order from select dealers worldwide.

Rob Laing
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