Brian May jams along with musicians to play Queen, The Beatles and Elvis

Guitar hero Brian May has taken part in a new isolation jam video alongside musicians from the UK, Spain and the USA performing Queen classic Hammer To Fall. Just one of many that have appeared online in recent days in #jamwithbri videos getting musicians in isolation playing along on YouTube with with the Queen legend's previously recorded footage from his Instagram performances. 

The band in the video above features drummer Chris Allan and bassist Ally McLachlin from the UK, We Will Rock You musical performer Mig Ayesa on vocals and keytar from the US and fellow Will Rock You regular Danny Gomez performing on guitar in Spain.

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Gomez, who also played the song's guitar solo, shared the video of the musicians playing from their homes together and said; "From New York to London and Madrid ... and beyond, we are all in this thing together !! Thank you Mig Ayesa, Chris Allan and Ally McLachlin for joining me to jam with Brian May !! It's always fun to be QUEEN for a day!!" 

"Thanks for the duets you’ve been posting, dear folks. I love it!"

May had this to say about #jamwithbri on his Instagram; "OK - I’m not a singer by trade - I found that out long ago - but I love to strum and sing - it’s the best way to start on a guitar. I played nothing but Rhythm guitar for the first year when I first took it up - and it stood me in good stead !! 

"So ! Strum along or sing along or slam them skins - or a nice piano boogie Woogie part maybe ?! THANKS for the duets you’ve been posting, dear folks. I love it !!! And thanks for the gift of the hashmark, pal - #jamwithbri —- cheers folks — Ah ! By the way, the reason I am not using my original Red Special ? Sadly she is not with me. She’s self-isolating. Somewhere else ... Br"

Check out some more of the #jamwithbri performances below.

Queen - Last Horizon 

The Beatles - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away 

Queen – Keep Yourself Alive 

Elvis Presley - Baby I Don't Care 

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