Boss has delivered the RE-201 Space Echo and BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble preamps in a single pedal for the BP-1W booster

Boss BP-1W pedal
(Image credit: Boss)

Boss is really living up to its name in 2023; isn't enough it enough it's hit home runs in digital and analogue delay pedals? Clearly not. Because it's got a new booster preamp and it knows exactly what its doing again because the Waza Craft BP-1W booster preamp is already tickling our tonebuds.

Why? It's taken the much-loved preamp sections of two of its greatest pedals – the 1976 CE-1 Chorus Ensemble and Roland Space Echo – alongside a new clean boost for a three-mode spectacular. 

"From the clear and chimey preamp tone of a vintage BOSS CE-1 to the darker, vibe-filled richness of the Roland RE-201’s preamp section, the BP-1W captures some of the coveted sounds in the BOSS catalogue," boasts the company. 

The NAT mode seems like a very useful compliment to this duo in offering an 'ultra-clean boost' that doesn't add the colour of the other two. The gain control delivers saturation tailored to each mode. 


(Image credit: Boss)

In addition there are Standard/Vintage input buffer modes with 'drastically different tonal responses'.  The Vintage mode offers a warmer and smoother response while the Standard buffer is always engaged, even when the pedal is bypassed. 

The Boss BP-1W is $169.99 / £155 / €179.99 and is available at Thomann, Sweetwaterand Andertons

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