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Boss and JHS Pedals are getting Angry with each other as they launch the JB-2 drive pedal

What do you get if you cross the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver pedal with JHS Pedals’ Angry Charlie? The JB-2 Angry Driver, obviously - a new collaboration between the two manufacturers that marks the 40th anniversary of Boss compact pedals.

The new pedal features an all-new combined circuit and is said to be perfectly tuned for dual-mode drive operation. There are three dual-concentric knobs for controlling the drive, tone and level for each overdrive type - these can be used independently or combined in series or parallel configurations. The theory is that, by combining the best elements of each pedal, you can achieve a wide and versatile tonal range.

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Find out more about the JB-2 Angry Driver on the Boss website. It’s expected to be available soon at a price that’s still to be confirmed.  

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