PocketGK: first dedicated bass amp iOS app

PocketLabworks - makers of PocketAmp, PocketSing and PocketRap iOS apps - has unveiled a new iPad/iPhone application called PocketGK. Demoed at NAMM 2011 by Dwayne Thomas JR "PolyNeon" (above), PocketGK is an electric bass guitar amp simulator - the first app dedicated solely to bass amplification.

PocketGK costs $4.99, see PocketLabworks for more and read on for official press blurb…

"Extra punchy tone"

The PocketGK bass guitar amp app is designed in partnership with Gallien-Krueger specifically for electric bass guitar amp simulation.

PocketLabworks' technology delivers what bass players want in a bass guitar amp app; punchy tone with an easy and fun to use interface. PocketGK includes the familiar active tone controls, contour, and boost that have made GK amps the industry standard for over 40 years.

GK's Gate Induced Valve Effect (G.I.V.E.) technology provides the extra punchy tone players love for powerful grooves.

PocketGK delivers the fun and easy to use practice bass guitar amp:

  • Hassle-free play along with iTunes music; no importing songs or file swapping
  • Built-in iTunes iPod music player with album art, lyrics, and time scrubber
  • Universal full screen iOS support; one purchase works on all your devices
  • Paid version supports all features with one simple purchase
  • Gallien-Krueger Gate Induced Valve Effect (G.I.V.E.) simulation for punchy tone
  • GK's intuitive four band active EQ controls for precise tone control
  • 4x10 and 1x15 NEO cab simulations
  • Low latency DSP effects with very short delay
  • Works with various hardware connection options

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