Barry Cadogan plays Rory Gallagher's iconic guitar and amp rigs – including that '61 Strat!

Rory Gallagher Strat
(Image credit: Future)

Little Barrie's Barry Cadogan is a fantastic guitarist – whether he's standing in for Bonehead with Liam Gallagher, writing the theme tune to Better Call Saul or touring his own music, he's a player who always brings flair and a great sense of guitar history. Especially Rory Gallagher. So he's clearly excited to have the chance to play the late bluesman's most famous gear – including his famous 1961 Strat.

This video, part of Guitarist magazine's 500th issue celebration, proves to be a special opportunity to hear Rory's gear in an intimate setting in the hands of a gifted musician. Turn it up loud and find out more about the special issue of Guitarist here

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