Austrian Audio’s OC7 and OD5 could be the only instrument recording mics you need

It may be a relative newcomer in the mic market, but Austrian Audio is making quite a name for itself, and its reputation is sure to be enhanced further with the OC7 and OD5. These condenser and dynamic microphones are designed specifically for recording instruments, but what sets them apart from the competition?

For a start, both mics are handmade in Austria and subject to rigorous testing, so high quality and reliability are assured. Each mic also offers Austrian Audio’s ingenious Swivel Joint mechanism; this simplifies positioning of the mic via a suspended basket that allows for 220 degrees of rotation. So, the mic can be positioned exactly where you need it without making any awkward, time-consuming adjustments to the mic stand.

And then there’s Austrian Audio’s Open Acoustics technology, which enables you to position your mic with maximum precision. The aforementioned suspended mic basket is designed to keep the capsule in a position that avoids acoustic interference, meaning that sources behind it can also pass through to it. As such, you’ve got an extremely precise cardioid characteristic.

Of course, each mic also has its own specific strengths. In the case of the OC7 condenser it’s an open and transparent sound that makes it extremely flexible, but particularly suited to capturing instruments with lively transients. We’re talking percussion (snares and toms), piano, acoustic guitar and strings.

This is all made possible by the OCC7 small diaphragm capsule - also handmade in Vienna, this is perfectly tuned to meet your recording requirements. The OC7 costs $499/£399/€499.

Austrian Audio mics

(Image credit: Austrian Audio)

The OD5 dynamic mic, meanwhile, is notable for its active-dynamic circuit, which ensures that even long cables will have no negative impact on the quality of the signal. This design also enables the integration of a high-pass filter.

The OD5 excels when recording drums, guitar amps and wind instruments, but its versatility means that you’re bound to find other uses for it, too. It’s yours for $299/£249/€299.

So there you have it: two microphones that will deliver in a multitude of situations. Either will do you proud, but having both in your locker will ensure that there’s pretty much no instrumental recording session you can’t handle.