Audiomodern's Loopmix changes the way you use loops

Combining audio loops gives you a quick and easy way of making music, but there’s always the danger that, if you choose to work this way, your productions can end up sounding a bit ‘static’. Which is why Audiomodern has just come up with a gamechanging solution - in fact, its new Loopmix plugin could make you approach loop sampling and sequencing in a completely new way.

Loopmix enables you to combine up to six loops and generate endless remixes based on them. Everything can be done manually, or almost instantly, using any of its signature randomization algorithms.

Load in your favourites - or even a selection of loops that you’re struggling to find a use for on their own - and you can then pick and choose different slices from each of them, almost instantly creating something new.

Audiomodern Loopmix

(Image credit: Audiomodern)

But that’s just the start. You can then start copying and moving sections of your loops around, maybe reversing individual slices as you go. You can create rapid-fire repeats of individual slices, and adjust each loop part’s volume and pitch.

All of these parameters can be adjusted manually, but if you want to save yourself some legwork - of if you’re looking for inspiration - you can call on Audiomodern’s signature randomisation controls, which will make automatic parameter changes and can be used to create an almost unlimited number of instant loop remixes.

Loopmix also launches its brand new multi-functional keyboard that can be used to instantly generate up to 24 different remix arrangements, or to store your own. All remixes are ready to use and you can switch between them.

It can be employed as a performance tool, too: you can trigger each of your loops from your MIDI keyboard, either in their original forms or in the context of a new sequence or remix. 

Saving a preset will save your remixes too, to be ready for later use.

While you could easily lose hours playing with Loopmix alone, you can also export each track as audio and MIDI, or even drag and drop straight into your DAW. The plugin can be tempo-synced to your DAW, too.

All of which sounds great, but what if you don’t currently have a hard drive full of loops that you want to mix together?

Audiomodern has thought of that and created more than 1.6GB-worth of factory presets as its Factory Soundset. All presets can be remixed themselves to give you even more creative options. You can also save and create your own packs, and more can be downloaded from the Audiomodern website.

Audiomodern Loopmix

(Image credit: Audiomodern)

As you can see, then, the creative possibilities of Loopmix are practically limitless, whether you rely on the randomisation features or use your own imagination. The PC/Mac version is available now for the introductory price of just $49 (rising to $69 after 4 December), or you can have it on your iPad for $9.99.

Find out more and download a PC/Mac demo on the Audiomodern website.