Audiomodern at Plugin Week 2023: Loopmix is a Creative Loop Remixer Plugin that can transform your loops into a kaleidoscope of new sounds

PLUGIN WEEK 2023: Audiomodern’s Loopmix makes it fun and easy to instantly remix and rearrange your audio loops!

• It offers up an array of devices and processors that slice, dice, rearrange, pitch, reverse and remix loops in a truly innovative way.

• Load up to 6 loops and let Loopmix generate infinite loop variations.

• Hit Random, or use its signature Randomization Algorithms: Remix, Infinity, Temporary Randomization and much more...

Furthermore, it launches its brand new Multifunctional Performance Keyboard.

• You can use it to perform Kits, Sequenced Patterns and automatically generate unlimited Variations, fulfilled with different Remixes, based on your loaded sounds.

• Trigger any of Stems & Sequences, save or load your custom remixes instantly.

Loopmix also launches its Fully Dynamic Presets!

• Unlike ordinary Presets, each Loopmix Preset can be transformed into an ecosystem of variations and Remixes with a click of a button.

• Loopmix generates up to 24 different Remixes at a time. Each preset comes with infinite variations.

Comes with 1.6+ GB of Factory Presets

• With Loopmix you have the option to import/export and create your own personalized packs, all with your own Artwork, Name, Description and tagging which you can export and share with another device or with another user.

• Loopmix Packs capture both the Samples & Patterns so every pack you export is exactly as you designed it.

• New Expansions are provided regularly and everything can be done with 1-Click Export & Import. It's really fast.

Loopmix features

Loopmix Q&A

Which problems can Loopmix solve? 

Using audio loops is an easy and quick way of composing music, but there’s always the danger that, if you choose to work this way, your productions can end up sounding a bit ‘static’. Loopmix can make you approach loop sampling and sequencing in a completely new way, combining up to six loops and generating endless remixes based on them.

Why is Loopmix useful? 

It provides several randomization options to generate new musical ideas almost instantly. Furthermore, its brand new multi-functional keyboard can be used to generate or even store new remixes, all of them into one single preset to be used for later use. 

In other words, it can save you hours of manual work, but most importantly, to suggest musical ideas that you hadn’t thought of before.

For which music genres can Loopmix be used? 

If you are using audio loops, then Loopmix seems to be a nice fit for your project, regardless of the music genres you work on. Best music genres for Loopmix could be: Techno, Hip-Hop, Drum&Bass and Trap. Its Factory Soundset includes presets from these music genres too.

What’s coming with the next update?

Besides various new expansions and improvements, we are working on the possibility to choose the Scale/key of samples. It will be possible to choose a scale and then all the samples will be in the same key giving users the opportunity to remix everything in key…


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