Arturia at Synth Week 2022: Creating intuitive and inspiring music-making experiences

Arturia at synthweek 2022

Discover the unconventional with MicroFreak (Image credit: Arturia)

SYNTH WEEK 2022: Creating intuitive and inspiring music-making experiences is our ‘raison d’être’. 

We use the knowledge of our passionate engineers, sound designers, and audio experts to keep our products grounded, easy, and practical. Driven by the same spirit as our users, all of our instruments, effects, and software titles are engineered with a human-centric approach, galvanized with playfulness and top-tier sound.

Our hardware & software product line-up consists of 5 ranges: the Labs, the Fuses, the Brutes, the Steps, and the Freaks. Each range brings its own character and purpose, designed to answer the questions of creatives everywhere. Whether you're a home studio beat-maker, a seasoned keyboardist, a modular aficionado, or a sound designer looking for your next source of sonic inspiration, you'll find it here. 


Arturia at Synthweek 2022

Unlock every shade of synthesis with Pigments (Image credit: Arturia)

On the software side, explore next-level virtual instruments with V Collection 9, a suite of unparalleled vintage synth emulations, dynamic enhanced keyboards, and bold hybrid sound engines, brought to life with advanced modeling and creative engineering. 

Unlock every shade of synthesis with Pigments, our state-of-the-art multi-engine softsynth, putting entirely new sounds into the hands of the producers of today and tomorrow. Navigate a vast universe of mix-ready presets and playable synth patches with Analog Lab V, our all-in-one hub for finding and customizing your perfect sound in seconds.


Arturia at Synthweek 2022

Embark on a journey to new analog depths with PolyBrute (Image credit: Arturia)

On the hardware side, discover the unconventional with MicroFreak, a peculiar hybrid desktop synth that combines flexible sound engines with creative randomization and modulation for a truly unique synthesis experience. 

Embark on a journey to new analog depths with PolyBrute, a 6-voice polysynth that matches unprecedented expression controls with the unmistakable Brute voice. Make your sound happen with the Fuse range of interfaces, combining pristine preamps, seamless connectivity, and essential creative software for end-to-end audio creation, whatever your style.

An all-encompassing line-up built in pursuit of the ultimate music-making experience, enabling musicians, producers, composers, and creators of all persuasions to make the best music they can make, with the professional quality they deserve.

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Arturia at synthweek 2022

Microfreak in action (Image credit: Arturia)

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