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Add resonance and presence controls to any guitar amp with Amptweaker’s DepthFinder

Amptweaker has announced its latest pedal, the DepthFinder, which adds resonance and presence controls to any guitar amp.

The DepthFinder is an active boost-only EQ pedal designed to simulate tube amp resonance and presence controls, and can be used in an amp’s effects loop, or at the end of a pedalboard direct signal.

Designer James Brown reckons it can make a solid-state amp sound and feel more like a tube amp, while widening the bandwidth of tones.

Brown, of course, designed the 5150, which pioneered the resonance control; the DepthFinder’s controls are based on the frequency range of that iconic amp.

The DepthFinder draws 4mA from a 9V or 18V power supply, and is available now from Amptweaker for $90.

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