Aclam's innovative Smart Track pedalboards mean you can forget velcro

Peeling velcro, sticky stompboxes and warping pedalboard - all banes of the pedal geek. Thankfully, with the Smart Track, Aclam has come up with a pedal-mounting solution that's straightforward, sturdy and, like all truly smart things, so simple you wonder why no one's thought of it before.

Smart Track boards are purpose-built, lightweight and utilise a patented 'non-velcro' system of fasteners, enabling pedals to be mounted using only a flathead screwdriver. Once in place, the pedal attachment is so strong that you can lift the board by the unit itself without fear of it prying away.

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Aclam has put a lot of thought into the needs of the pedal enthusiast. The fasteners and boards can accommodate all manner of stompboxes, from a full-sized Fuzz Face to a modern mini pedal like the TC Electronic Spark, so there's no worrying that your prized vintage pedal needs a separate home. While the boards themselves are slatted to allow the neat threading of cables and the rear feet are adjustable, so you can angle it at your desired pitch.

Size options include the Smart Track S1 (four to five pedals), XS2 (five to seven pedals), S2 (eight to 10 pedals) and the Smart Track L2 (10-14 pedals) - all of which include a softcase - and there's a range of genuinely useful accessories: from upper decks and clip-on brackets for power supplies, to cable tidies and hardcases.

With the Smart Track, Aclam gives us what we've been waiting for: a go-to pedalboard solution that's sturdy, simple to use and customisable. 

Check out the Aclam Instagram to see some inventive pedalboard builds from other players and head to the Aclam store to view the full range of boards and accessories.