New pedal board

Building pedal boards can be great fun. It's just sticking the velcro on and securing the power supply under the board that hampers progress!

Having no room left on my first pedal board, I recently got a new pedal train board and a T-Rex Chameleon power supply to house and fuel a new batch of pedals I have. Two hours one evening later, I finished it!

Connected with Providence patch cables of various lengths, the signal is as follows (right to left):

Lower pedals: Hardwire tuner, Top Tone Drivegate DG-1, Tanabe Dumkudo, Wampler Ecstasy Drive, Mod Tone Clean Boost and Protones Premium Overdrive.

Higher pedals: Providence Phase Force, Wampler Nirvana Chorus, EHX Riddle-Q Balls, Providence Chrono Delay and finally, Wampler Spring Reverb.