Learn Three Great Instrumentals with the latest Guitar Techniques!

This month's Guitar Techniques is every player's dream! We've tabbed three superb instrumentals, in full, in three different but equally brilliant styles.

Santana's Europa sees the geat Latin guitarist in his most emotive and lyrical form. It's a fabulous piece to learn and will help with any guitarist's tone, touch and expression.

The Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton recorded some amazing tracks back in 1966. Hideaway saw Clapton, who was only just out of his teens, on amazing form. He took the Freddie King instrumental and nailed it, making it his own. There's hardly a guitarist anywhere that couldn't take same great blues licks from this one!

Mason Williams' Classical Gas is one of the most impressive acoustic instrumentals of all time. It's the utimate party piece, in fact. We've tabbed the completely solo version, with no orchestra getting in the way so you can hear every note. No matter what style you usually play, learn this one and you'll be everyone's hero!

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