Sad But True: Metallica announce album tracklisting, includes Unforgiven III

Uh oh, here we go again…

As if it wasn't bad enough writing a rubbish sequel to their

Black Album


The Unforgiven

on the - frankly dire -


record, Metallica have decided to include a song called Unforgiven III on new album

Death Magnetic


Don't get us wrong, we want this album to be good but this doesn't bode well. Fingers crossed our fears a quashed when the album surfaces in September - specific date yet to be announced.

Here's the full Death Magnetic tracklisting and cover art:

01. That Was Just Your Life

02. The End Of The Line

03. Broken, Beat & Scarred

04. The Day That Never Comes

05. All Nightmare Long

06. Cyanide

07. The Unforgiven III

08. The Judas Kiss

09. Suicide & Redemption

10. My Apocalypse