New From BC Rich

The esteemed producer of shapes is hoping for a bounty year in 2007 with the planned release of no less than 15 new guitars and basses. The lion´s share is due in March and models include the Big Dagger, VG1, Avenge SOB and more.

Classic designs such as the Warlock and Mockingbird boast brand new specs, such as the Mockingbird Special boasting a chunkier thru-neck alongside a mahogany body and arched maple top, and the Dark Arts Warlock, again featuring an arched top complete with either a blood red or glossy black finish.

Towards the end of the year we can expect to get our grubby mitts on new additions to the Exotic Series, including a Warlock, a classic Mockingbird and Bich: there´s also a 10-string Bich to slaver over, not to mention a Heritage Classic Mockingbird bass

Further details of some, such as the Masterpiece Bich and Mockingbird are available on UK distributor Rosetti´s website (click here) and, as soon as we get examples, we´ll have them in the magazine.

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Simon Bradley is a guitar and especially rock guitar expert who worked for Guitarist magazine and has in the past contributed to world-leading music and guitar titles like MusicRadar (obviously), Guitarist, Guitar World and Louder. What he doesn't know about Brian May's playing and, especially, the Red Special, isn't worth knowing.