Guitarist 25th Anniversary Issue Revealed

Thatcher, the Berlin Wall, Starship…

But the eighties weren't all bad: in 1984 Guitarist was born.

Join us as we celebrate 25 glorious years of the magazine in our Special Anniversary Issue - and that means 25 years of great gear, players and albums too.

We've compiled the definitive 100 Greatest Guitar Things from the last quarter of a century into a packed issue. From the Marshall JMP-1 to Marty McFly in Back To The Future: everything that matters is here.

Meanwhile, our panel of experts review exactly what's been achieved in the world of guitar over the last 25 years - as well as what we might expect for the future.

That's all in addition to the usual feast of reviews and artist features: we chat to not one but two Steves: Vai and Hackett, while in reviews there's a soapbar electrics roundup plus Hughes & Kettner's feature-packed Coreblade head.

Guitarist magazine 25th Anniversary issue: on sale 24 November.