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Gear Tips & Advice: Buying an Ibanez Tube Screamer

Rock, blues, country, Elizabethan gothic metal… many players in many styles look to the humble Ibanez Tube Screamer for their overdrive needs. The originals fetch high prices on Ebay and now there are reissues too with modification options even being offered by other companies. Where to start

The Ibanez TS-808 (£175) and TS9 (£115) reissues are very good indeed. The 808 is the 'classic', complete with 'correct' JRC4558D chip. Many believe it also lets the guitar's natural voice come
through better than the TS9. Enter the modders…

We like the Robert Keeley Modded TS-808+ (£259), which widens the EQ response of the standard 808 and also the range of the overdrive pot - more and less at both ends compared to the standard pedal: a refined 808, you might say.

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The Analog Man TS9/808 Classic Mod is well renowned for good reason, and includes
a JRC4558D chip and other tweaks to make the tone 'better' and also improve
general roadworthiness. A ready-modded one will cost you $165 plus shipping from the States. The Analog Man site also offers a useful Ibanez Tube Screamer history overview.