Four new Morley pedals

Two new signature models as well as a new volume pedal and update to the classic Power Wah. All four models feature the bulletproof, road-worthy cold-rolled steel housing construction you expect from Morley and are Hand Assembled in the USA

George Lynch Dragon Wah 2
RED HOT: The Dragon 2 is a switchless, optical Wah with 3 modes; Traditional, Wow Mode and Wah Lock. The Wow mode is extra gnarly for heavily distorted guitars tones. Lock mode electronically locks the pedal in Wah mode and Notch knob allows you to choose the Wah frequency of either Wah or Wow sweeps. More Innovation from Morley! SSP £174.99

T.M Stevens Fonk Wah
The T.M. Stevens Fonk Wah is a switchless, optical Wah with 2 modes; Traditional and Fonk- a percussive & vocal Wah great for slapping & popping. A level knob controls Wah output in either mode. An input trim knob (with Clip LED) allows user to adjust between passive or active pickups types. SSP £174.99

The newest volume pedal from Morley featuring Electro-Optical Volume circuitry: no pots to get scratchy, wear out or need replacing. A smooth, studio-quiet audio taper. Great for volume control or volume swells. Great for use with guitar, bass, keyboards or other instruments. LED indication lets you know the pedal power. SSP £74.99

A special ‘glow-in-the-dark´ edition of the classic Morley pedal. Easy to see on a dark stage! Electro optical, a wah boost knob and the classic vintage tone you would expect from this pedal. SSP £109.99

All pedals are available in the UK now.

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