James Holden hates you

If you use Ableton presets that is, you lazy lump.

In a recent interview for The End website, Holden explains:

How far does a ‘laptop live´ set constitute a ‘live´ set? Do you think there a quite a few artists who now bill themselves as ‘live´ when they´re really just pressing a few buttons in Ableton?

The change in dance music is that now everyone has a laptop and everyone can get a cracked copy of Ableton, so suddenly everyone is making what I call ‘Ableton techno´, and you get all these pedestrian records that just use the default sounds. When something is so common and easy to make, it has no value any more. I have to be careful as I always end up pissing people off who like that kind of thing, but I could be grumpy about it for hours!

Interesting comments...we're not sure what to make of that. What do you think?