Ray Incident: a whole new realm of music

Ray Incident's Incidentaloma album art
(Image credit: Corpus Callosum)

A far reach from the mainstream music industry of the bubblegum pop riffs you hear in the clubs, Incidentaloma is a sophisticated and unusual alternative. Posed as the epitome of everything that is controversial and unacceptable about music-making, Ray Incident’s seven song debut shows us how much of an immersive experience a complete explosion of creativity such as this can provide. Those of you out there who are avid indie music lovers will become loyal, committed listeners to Incidentaloma. A truly personal expression of creativity such as Incidentaloma exists solely for those with a deep appreciation of the alternative. Ray Incident is not intent on economic success; rather the opposite. The purpose of Incidentaloma is to touch the souls of those who understand its many delicate and poignant aspects. Each note has been struck from a personal place in the creator, and will hit each listener in their own personal way. Incidentaloma is a striking and delicate emotional experience that will curate a deep exploration of various emotions specific to each listener, but universal in the intensity of its effect. 

Ray Incident is a true creative - a rare find in the modern day of online commercialism. What constitutes success for this type of artist is that his work finds the audience who appreciate its every subtle quality.

Not a single vocal cord makes an appearance through the entire album. Instead Ray Incident expresses his message entirely through the vast medium of instrumental music. Over a period of 10 years, he has committed to this project in a time of wide musical variety and development in the industry. He has experimented with many different mediums to achieve the result. This type of music is just as much about the process as it is about the result, if not more so. The result is a dynamic masterpiece of a soundscape. A soundscape best listened to solitarily in a dark room to most effectively enhance the immersivity of this creation, Incidentaloma will change the way you experience and listen to music. When one listens to it, you experience not only the finished piece, but every inch of the whole 10 year process that went into it.

Ray Incident - Incidentaloma album art

(Image credit: Corpus Callosum)

Experimentation is possibly the most important element of creativity, and Incidentaloma does not skimp on this aspect. Every song draws from similar original concepts which clearly link the whole album together upon the first listen. However, each song experiments individually with every note and possible sound mixed carefully and deliberately throughout the music in a slightly different way. 

The mind of Ray Incident is an ambiguous centre of experimentation which has created a groundbreaking moment in music. Something so indie and alternative will not reach all audiences, so make sure not to miss out on this life-changing music experience. An experiment of sorts which he has let his audience in on, Ray Incident clearly trusts that the right people will understand his message. Corpus Callosum clearly believes very strongly that minds of similar or overlapping ambiguity will let Incidentaloma strike its meaningful chord. The origins of the lexical choice, ‘corpus callosum’ is described as a ‘large bundle of more than 200 million myelinated nerve fibres that connect the two brain hemispheres, permitting communication between the left and right sides of the brain’. This is similar to how the creators of the label are ‘trying to connect the analogue and digital sides of music - hence the name,’ according to Ray Incident. 

To read more on Ray Incident’s creative journey and listen to his debut album, check out his website and stream on your preferred streaming platform.