Jerry Cantrell Signature Crybaby Wah Pedal: First look

2010 is apparently the year of the JC signature

Run your eyes over the new Jerry Cantrell signature Crybaby wah pedal (JC95 to its friends) from Dunlop.

As you'd expect, Dunlop has broken its balls trying to replicate the Alice In Chains guitarist's signature wah sound and the JC95 features a side control knob for fine-tuning the toe-down sound, as well as an all-round "moodier" tone (so we're informed).

The JC95 also seems to stand out on its own aesthetically, with a custom Alice In Chains rubber tread and brushed brass colouration. Finally, check out our picture of the pedal's underside and you'll see the lyrics to 'Black Gives Way To Blue' are printed along the bottom.

This pedal was reviewed in full in Total Guitar issue 201. If you're an Alice In Chains fan, be sure to check out our 'first look' at the G&L Tribute Jerry Cantrell Rampage signature guitar.

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