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Jackson Sends In An Old Friend To Help Out On ‘Fleshy’ New Album

Jackson Sends In An Old Friend To Help Out On ‘Fleshy’ New Album
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Ooh la la! French metal heavyweights Gojira got a surprise from Jackson when they entered the studio to begin recording their new album.

The guitar manufacturers had sent the band exactly the same axe they used to record their breakthrough record From Mars To Sirius.

The Way Of All Flesh. Due in stores on 13th October, the band have already wrapped up recording the record at their home studio in Bayonne in the south of France. They will mix it in Los Angeles with ex-Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader.

For his guitar parts Joe used the Jackson US Soloist while fellow axeman Christian Andreau used a Jackson Randy Rhoads model. They fed these through various Peavey amps including the new 6505 and the new EVH 5150 III head.

The band has recorded 12 songs for the record. The drums were recorded with Logan Mader in LA before the band returned to Bayonne to complete tracking. The album will then be mixed by Mader in Los Angeles in two weeks time. Song titles so far include All The Tears and Yama’s Messengers.