Gear4 Duo

But G4 have taken it a step further with their brand-new iPod/Phone portable docking station/subwoofer big-bass bad boy, combining the ultra-portable concept with the elusive quest for believable bass from an iPod dock.

The Duo consists of two parts, the detachable front speaker where the iPod docks itself, and the subwoofer you sit the front panel onto to combine its 18W speakers and tweeters with the 20W sub.

The beauty comes in the fact that, while the detachable speaker rests on the sub, blaring out your favourite tunes, it's re-charging itself.

This has to be the standout feature on the Duo, as finding a plug socket for most docks when they're designed for portability is a nightmare, while ploughing through AA batteries is hardly ideal. Having the unit being rechargeable and being able to still use it while it's charging, with added sub, is a certified treat.


Sound-wise, the detached speakers, are perfectly listenable, but lacking any bass, although they do go pretty damn loud. When the two parts are combined, though the sub complements the speakers really well.

The price is at the top-end, but if you can justify parting with the cash, you won't be disappointed. The sub is perfect for small house parties or BBQs, while the detachable speakers are ideal for singing along to Purple Rain in the shower.

MusicRadar Rating

4.5 / 5 stars

Perfectly listenable. Cool idea.


A little bit lacking in bass.


Go on, you know you want one!

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Versatile Stereo Speaker System For iPod

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