Washburn WD32SCE

Everyone knows Washburn produces some damn fine electric guitars: the awesome Idol Series and Nuno Bettencourt's N-Series guitars have all triggered spontaneous moistening of undergarments in the TG office. But will its acoustic guitars have the same effect on our laundry - or will it just dampen our enthusiasm?

Let's strip down that WD32SCE model name. The 'S' bit stands for solid, indicating that this guitar has a solid spruce top. We always like to see that on a guitar at this price point.

The 'CE' refers to the guitar's status as a cutaway electric. So, now we know what we're dealing with here, let's play the thing.

Washburn has been building acoustic guitars since 1883 so it's no surprise that the guys are pretty good at it now. All that experience is clear to see in the WD32SCE.

This guitar is a true all-rounder: it has a sweet acoustic tone and Washburn's trademark slim neck profile makes fretting any chord a breeze.

Thanks to the onboard B-Band pickup/preamp combo the amplified sound of the WD32SCE is just as satisfying as its acoustic tone making this guitar the perfect tool for live work and recording in the studio.

The WD32SCE sounds great, is beautifully built and finished and plays far better than we could have expected at this price point. Oh, and shop around and you'll find this peach selling for as low as £229. Time for a change of underwear now then...

MusicRadar Rating

5 / 5 stars

Great tone and playability.


We couldn't fault it.


An exceptional electro-acoustic for under £300!

Available Controls

Battery Status LED EQ Tuner

Available Finish

Natural Satin

Back and Sides Finish


Body Style

Dreadnought Cutaway Style


Rosewood Butterfly Bridge


Pearl slash inlays

Fingerboard Material




Guitar Body Material



Grover Machineheads

Neck Material


Top Finish

Solid Spruce

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