Washburn Idol Nick Cantanese Evil Twin

Zakk Wylde calls Nick Catanese his 'Evil Twin' because – in the shredneck stakes – Black Label Society's second guitarist is the only guy who can keep up with Zakk's monster chops.

If you like your steak rare, your beer cold, and your women closely related to you, this Washburn could be just the ticket.

Washburn claims the Idol is "the marketplace's finest single cut guitar, period". This one's kitted out with the best hardware around: Grover tuners, Tone Pros bridge, and EMG pickups.

You get a mountain of carved flame maple and Nick's ET (that's 'Evil Twin', not some alien) graphics. The case even has a hygrometer in it. No, we didn't know what that is either. It measures humidity, so you know your precious axe is safe.

The dudes at Washburn say the Evil Twin has the "phattest neck known to man". They're not kidding. But the ingenious neck joint and cutaway top bout mean the Idol has top fret access Les Paul players couldn't imagine.

Everyone knows the Devil plays guitar, and these EMG pickups are definitely what the beast has in his personal axes. The bridge pickup brings the fire, and the neck pickup adds versatility.

It'll even do a warm clean sound, if you ever have a funny turn and want to play something tasteful.

Although the neck seems like an entire tree, it's wickedly easy to play. The satin finish makes it feel like it's covered in groupies' underwear before you even start the gig.

The quality and features here will match anything you chuck at it. So, if you want to rock like a bastard without following the crowd, there isn't much competition.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Amazing playability, great features, build quality.


It's a whole lotta cash, EMG 81 isn't too versatile.


Nice guitar, shame about the price.

Country of Origin


Available Controls

2 x Tone 2 x Volume

Available Finish

Trans Red, Trans Black


Buzz Feiten tuning system

Fingerboard Material


Guitar Body Material


Neck Material


No of Strings


Year of Origin



EMG ZW set active humbuckers

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