Jetter Helium

The Helium takes the Jetdrive as its starting point, but is more than just a single-channel version of that pedal.

Indeed, as well as having a less powerful gain range, the Helium also sports a tweaked bottom end.


The overdrive available on the Helium is organic, natural and sounds more like what happens when you turn up or switch a channel on a valve amp than a pedal-based effect.

The lean/rich tone control works in a specific frequency range that makes it nigh on impossible to dial in an unusable sound, but still offers the chance to soften it or make it more aggressive.

Now hear the Jetter Helium in action...

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Subtle variations in low gain overdrive. Compact size. Musical tonal range.


Four-screw battery access.


This is a great source of breaking-up amp sounds and a useful option for adding boost to another overdrive pedal.

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