Straightforward, swirly rotary effects

The DLS RotoSIM features a charmingly uncluttered user interface, sporting easy-to-understand controls.

"There's plenty more variation to be had if you fancy a tinker around inside the chassis"

A bypass switch turns the effect on, while a second footswitch toggles between slow and fast speeds that are set with a knob each.

A ramp knob sets how quickly the speed changes. Separate knobs adjust the top and bass rotor levels, and an authentically- voiced overdrive - with the level controlled by a single knob - can be brought in with a mini-toggle switch.

There's also plenty more variation to be had if you fancy a tinker around inside the chassis, with no less than seven more adjustments available.

All in all, cool sound and smooth operation from a great US boutique pedal.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Loads of adjustment options. Lovely tones. Boutique build.


There's a boutique price, to match.


Classy sound coupled with an easy interface.

Battery/Adaptor Type

Nine-volt mains adaptor

Country of Origin



True bypass


145 x 80 x 130

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