Tama HP200B

An excellent bass drum pedal inspired by Tama's flagship Iron Cobras

Dubbed 'Iron Cobra Junior', Tama's HP200B pedal is a solid, powerful piece of gear. Boasting the same Power Glide offset cam found on the road-proven Iron Cobras, the pedal has a wickedly fast action that really propels the beater into the head.

A host of other features borrowed from or inspired by Tama's flagship hardware line complements the pedal, from the Para-Clamp hoop clamp to the spring tension adjustment.

It is also supplied with its own rigid case.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Solid, powerful and fast. Comes with a rigid case.


Nothing of note.


A cheaper alternative inspired by Tama's flagship Iron Cobra design is always going to be a winner.


Developed with the same design concept as the Iron Cobra, the HP200B "Iron Cobra Jr." features the same offset Power Glide cam shape, beater angle adjustment and movable hoop clamp of the Iron Cobra line. A dual-sided beater provides full volume and clear attack.





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