Vox announces Joe Satriani delay pedal

There's been no confirmation yet as to whether the Time Machine will delay your playing long enough for Coldplay to plagiarise it...

Hot on the hot heels of the Satchurator distortion pedal is the Time Machine, a new Joe Satriani signature delay pedal from Vox.

Designed in conjunction with the guitarist, vintage and modern modes and a hi-fi/lo-fi switch should guarantee an abundance of delay sounds.

As you might expect, the modern setting summons up a hi-fidelity digital delay sound, while the vintage setting uses gentle modulation and saturation to simulate a classic tape echo.

Meanwhile, the hi-fi/lo-fi switch is the key to unlocking Satriani's custom tone. Hi-fi mode is transparent, while lo-fi mode combines both high-pass and low-pass filters adjusted precisely to Joe's taste. Vox says this means that "Your guitar sound will blend naturally in the mix - without obscuring or interfering with the other players."

In addition, 30ms slapback to nearly six full seconds (5,800ms) of delay, a tap tempo control and independent wet and dry stereo outputs make for a pretty comprehensive package.

The time machine should materialise in early 2009. Visit the official Vox site for more.