VIDEO: Pearl Jam as Devo? Believe it!

Better yet, Whip It!

VIDEO Pearl Jam as Devo Believe it
An Energy Domed Eddie Vedder cracks that whip

We still think of Pearl Jam as that uber-serious, non-party band. Certainly not the kind of jokesters who'd dress up like Devo, right?


At the conclusion of the group's 41-song, three-hour-and-35-minute set(!) last weekend at the Wachovia Spectrum in Philadelphia - the last show at the famed venue - Pearl Jam, in full Halloween mode, came out for their second encore dressed in Devo attire and busted out a note-perfect cover of Whip It.

Check out the video below. You'll never see Pearl Jam the same way again.

YouTube :

And is that a rare Gibson Moderne in the hands of Mike McCready? Somebody call Billy Gibbons!