Rob Thomas cuts track with INXS

Records classic Never Tear Us Apart

Rob Thomas cuts tracks with INXS

Matchbox Twenty singer Rob Thomas recently hooked up with INXS in Australia and laid down vocals for a newly recorded version of that band's 1988 hit Never Tear Us Apart.

Thomas, still a member of Matchbox Twenty, is currently promoting a brand-new solo album called Cradlesong.

INXS, on the other hand, are currently without a lead singer - this after reality TV show winner JD Fortune quit/talked his way out of the band under rather bizarre circumstances earlier in the year.

For Rob Thomas - no stranger to guest shots (witness Smooth with Carlos Santana) - it's not the first time he's tackled an INXS number. On Matchbox Twenty's tour of Australia last year, the group played a couple of INXS tunes, including Never Tear Us Apart (with INXS drummer Jon Farriss sitting in, see video below) and Don't Change.

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INXS are in the process of recording a new CD with various singers reinterpreting their greatest hits. There is no word on when the album will be released - and even less word on the band's search for a singer to replace Fortune.