NAMM 2013: Electro-Harmonix introduces the H.O.G. 2

Harmonic Octave Generator, Polyphonic Synthesizer

Electro Harmonix introduces the H O G 2
The H.O.G. 2 offers full MIDI control and new synth algorithms

NAMM 2013 PRESS RELEASE: Electro-Harmonix proudly introduces the new H.O.G.2. This second generation Harmonic Octave Generator - Guitar Synthesizer builds upon the legacy of the critically acclaimed H.O.G.

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The H.O.G.2 packs all the polyphonic power of the original unit, but based on feedback from users and new developments in technology, the new H.O.G.2 offers a number of enhancements and upgrades. These include:

  • Improved algorithms for each synthesized voice and for freeze capture. The new voices sound clearer and the freeze capture is smoother
  • Full MIDI control. Every parameter on the HOG2 can now be controlled by MIDI
  • Presets can be loaded and stored via MIDI
  • A new, optional Foot Controller that allows the user to store and load up to 100 presets.
  • Now compatible with the industry standard 9Volt DC/200mA center negative power supply

The polyphonic H.O.G.2 still offers glitch-free tracking and complete control of up to 10 interval pitches without the need for special pickups. It provides a freeze mode with glissando, independent attack and decay controls and dedicated resonant filtering with a sweepable frequency control.

An Expression Mode permits +/- 1 octave bends, 1 step pitch bends, plus control over freeze + gliss, freeze + volume, wah wah and filter frequency.

A new H.O.G.2 Foot Controller is also available. It allows you to easily save and recall up to 100 presets in the H.O.G.2 main unit. Presets 0 through 11 are factory presets specially designed to give the user a wide array of sounds available from the H.O.G.2.

The H.O.G. 2 carries a U.S. List Price of $634.94. The H.O.G. 2 Foot Controller is prices at U.S. List $181.26.