MusicRadar podcast: Death Cab For Cutie

Guitarist and producer Chris Walla on recording the band's new album Narrow Stairs

Death Cab For Cutie

2005 and 2006 saw Washington State four-piece Death Cab For Cutie transcend their status as darlings of the US indie scene and become a Grammy-nominated, mainstream concern.

Breakthrough album and major label debut Plans was the band´s biggest commercial success to date, and 2008 sees them release a darker, more guitar-heavy follow up in the shape of Narrow Stairs. For a flavour of the new record, check out the audacious lead single, I Will Possess Your Heart.

Amidst a whirlwind promotional tour, Death Cab guitarist and producer Chris Walla took the time out to talk to MusicRadar about the recording process behind Narrow Stairs. As well as manning the desk on Death Cab For Cutie´s long players, Chris has also produced records for Nada Surf and Tegan and Sara amongst others. Here he covers the gear used on a record that saw him return to an all-analogue set up, with the band tracking most parts live in the studio.

Part one - Chris discusses the recording of Narrow Stairs, and his return to analogue
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Part two - The differences between Narrow Stairs and Plans and the guitars and amps used on Narrow Stairs
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Part three - Recording Narrow Stairs, microphone selection and studio tricks
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Part four - An unconventional approach to getting a bass sound
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