Logitech unveils 'Strat-like' Xbox 360 controller

Guitar Hero axe has 'real wood, metal frets'

We've gawped at Logitech's 'ultra real' Guitar Hero controller (and its 'ultra real' price tag) before, but – perhaps amazingly – the new Xbox 360 version has even more features.

Keeping in mind that this Strat-like peripheral will set you back $199, here's a few choice quotes from Logitech's promo video.

'Real metal frets'
'Maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard'
'Touch-slider for two-handed tapping'
'Deep polyurethane gloss finish on the body'
'Precision-made strum bar with a quiet action (no more disturbing clicking sound)'
'Convenient humbucker (star power switch)'
'Whammy bar with adjustable spring tension'

While it would be oh so easy to join the 'why not just buy a real guitar' haters, those specs do impress. Yes, they do.