NAMM 2012 VIDEO: Natal Drums American Walnut Series

NAMM 2012: At last year's NAMM, Natal won the prestigious Best New Drum Brand award, and they're building on that success with sets like the American Walnut Series.

The AW fits in with Natal's lines that feature Bubinga, Ash, Maple and Burch. Walnut has a rich tonal quality that is punch and warm - but not over the top.

The American Walnut kit got a lot of attention at the Natal stand, as did the limited-edition "JMK" Jim Marshall 50th Anniversary drum set. The JMKs are pretty snazzy looking, wrapped with laminated black Tolex amplifier cab covering, with an amp grill-cloth logo head.

We asked noted drummer Charlie Morgan (Elton John, Joe Cocker) to give the kit a whirl. So impressed was he that we think the limited number of 49 sets just went down to 48!

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