Paul Gilbert: new album makes us cry

Guitarist has received advance copies of Pablo’s new opus Silence Followed by a Deafening Roar. It’s out on 23rd March through Mascot Records and we’re happy to report that it’s the usual mix of death-defying stunt guitar, cool melodies and quirky humour.

However, we also have to say that it features the most emotion-filled piece of solo guitar we’ve ever heard: yes, including For The Love of God.

The piece is called Suite Modale and simply features Paul going though the modes on a Sustainer-equipped electric and backed by a mournful piano.

As one of the Guitarist team commented: it’s “goosebump-factor 10” and even if you can take or leave Mr Gilbert’s output, you must check the tune out: it’ll make even the hardest hearted rocker a bit...well, sniffy and dewy-eyed.

We’re planning a full review of the album in the April issue of Guitarist, which hits the streets on 13th March. Don’t miss it.

By Simon Bradley

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