The Worst Cover Song EVER!

Oi, Dion, NOOOO!!!

It's one of the worst things we've ever seen, and we've been backstage with Marilyn Manson... Celine Dion's cover of the AC/DC classic You Shook Me All Night Long has quite rightly been voted the Worst Cover Of All Time in this month's TG, on sale now.

This vile act, whereby the 'Sea Lion' and chums defile the 'DC legacy at VH1's Divas Las Vegas concert in 2002, is made all the more sickening when you consider Ms Dion is singing about cunnilingus in the second verse.

Frankly, it made us puke all night long. Stick to sinking ships please Dion.

Watch it below at your peril, and note Ms Dion's pathetic attempt to garner rock kudos by duckwalking upon entrance.