Orange Launch Tiny Terror Combo

The award winning, critically acclaimed Orange Tiny Terror was only launched eighteen months ago and after selling over ten thousand units, has proven to be one of the most in-demand amps in the world.

During this time period Orange has been under sustained pressure from guitarists, studios and journalists to launch a Tiny Terror combo... and now they have.

Part of the appeal of the Tiny Terror was that its clever design which packed everything into something not much more than the size of a lunch box and weighing in at only a few pounds. Orange have kept to the same concept in designing the combo version by keeping it extremely compact, with a look reminiscent of classic 70´s Orange OTR combo´s.

As with the head it is competitively priced and most importantly the unique signature tone is every bit as good as the original.

The amp section of the new combo is identical to the Tiny Terror and in designing the speaker section, they used a Celestion 30 watt G12H anniversary speaker.

Built to Orange quality standards, the new combo uses top quality components and it´s roadworthy rugged construction is what you´d expect from an Orange amp.