How To Know When Your Pedals Are On... Or Off!

Q. How can I tell when my pedals are on or off under the harsh stage lights?

A. TG reader Spud from Andover asked for help in solving a pedal-related problem recently...

Spud has a large number of effects pedals on his board and often finds it hard to keep track of which are on and which are off, especially when playing outdoors.

"I use Boss pedals which are very reliable and you can see them in the dark easily. One problem, though, is if you´re playing a festival outside then the light bleaches out the little LEDs so you can´t see whether your pedals are on or off! How can I solve this problem?!"

We asked around and got this handy reply from Fightstar guitarist Al Westaway, who suggests a little bit of cardboard improvisation...

"When we play festivals we build a little cardboard visor [to put in front of your pedals]. It casts a shadow and then you can see the lights again.”

Problem solved!