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Way Huge Supa-Puss review

Far beyond the classics

  • £230
  • $250

Our Verdict

A feature packed pedal that performs well.


  • Full of features.


  • Modulation isn’t great.

Although feature-heavy, the Supa-Puss never becomes unintuitive. 

A second footswitch allows for trails to be toggled and more significantly offers a tap-tempo option. 

Pressing the feedback knob toggles between tap divisions, with probably the most fun to be had imitating U2 riffs in the dotted-eighth-note mode. 

Gain and tone controls mean you can darken the pedal and add grit, but the modulation is somewhat less usable and a bit more ham fisted. 

Getting a subtle tape-like warble takes more effort than it should; out-there modulation is fun, but somewhat out of character for a BBD delay.