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Wampler Catapulp review

Orange you glad this pedal exists?

  • £189
  • €239

Our Verdict

A powerful contender.


  • Plenty of tones.


  • Elusive bass control sweet spot.

Known for their ‘amp-in-a-box’ circuits, it should come as no surprise that Wampler’s Orange-style unit is a powerful contender. 

Boasting an active three-band EQ, the ability to set it up to either drive your amp into saturation, or act as the main clipping source for your signal while retaining a balanced core tone is a compelling selling point. 

With everything from light hair to saturated roar on offer, the tones check out as well. 

Complaints? It feels like the sweet spot for the bass control is elusive and finding the correct trade-off between the volume and gain controls is tricky.