KOMA Attenuator Cable review

Clever cable for modular synth users

  • £7.49
  • €9
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Our Verdict

For the money, giving emergency attenuation right where you need it, it'd be well worth having a few of these handy.


  • Sturdy build. Reasonably priced. No discernible bleed.


  • Small dial makes precision tricky.

When you're in front of your modular trying to achieve an exact sound, you need to be able to create exact voltages to do it with. And not all modules actually include attenuators, for dialling back the voltages you're chucking in and out of their various sockets.

"It does the job, with no discernible bleed when set totally off"

Enter the Koma Attenuator Cable - a thin but sturdy 25cm long 3.5mm jack adaptor, with a built-in slider that provides audio or CV attenuation within the cable itself, saving you the precious HP (and cost) of a dedicated attenuator module.

With only about 5mm of travel on the slider, it's tricky for dialling in very precise settings with; but it does the job, with no discernible bleed when set totally off.

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