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Elektron Overhub USB 3.0 Hub review

A home for all of your peripherals

  • £45

Our Verdict

The Overhub is a handy little tool, but it comes at a price.


  • Plenty of ports.


  • Expensive. No base stand.

Hot on the heels of Overbridge is its ultimate accessory - Overhub.

The diminutive little box is a USB 3.0 hub featuring a whopping seven ports. So that's all your peripherals and Overbridge-enabled Elektron instruments sorted then?!

Overhub is a very solidly built unit constructed in a steel chassis and, when combined with the adhesive rubber feet, won't be disappearing off your desk anytime soon - even when you have seven of Elektron's very nice, but rather chunky, USB cables attached.

Of all the items you will be attaching, the chances are you'll be wanting to plug in an external hard drive. Unfortunately, this is where the hub falls down slightly, as there is no power supply in the box and you will need it to run HDs and other power hungry items.

The Overhub is perfect for musicians but, at that price, it seems more of an Elektron fanboy purchase. Although it has to be said, you'll be hard pushed to find such a sturdy seven-way hub for much less.

Our only real gripe with Overhub is that we wish it had a base to stand it on its end, thus saving that little bit more space on the desktop.