Behringer B-Control DeeJay BCD3000 review

Behringer's new DJing system packs a much greater punch than its predecessor.

  • £172
  • $327.99
It looks like the BCD2000, but the BCD3000 is made of sterner stuff.

MusicRadar Verdict

Much better than the BCD2000, this is the best-value entry-level DJing solution on the market at the moment.


  • +

    An affordable all-in-one package. Traktor LE is good software. Easy to set up.


  • -

    Build quality isn't fantastic. Not great in low-light situations.

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It's fair to say that Behringer's BCD2000 DJ controller/audio interface was something of a disappointment. It worked with Behringer's rather make-do DJ software and - worst of all - the whole package was strictly PC only.

Thankfully the BCD3000 is here to fix things. At first glance, though, the only differences you'll notice are a black and silver paint job and a 'Traktor LE-enabled' sticker: it seems that this is the same unit as the BCD2000, with the same connections, same feel and build quality.

That said the silver styling on all the knobs, buttons and faders is a welcome change, as the unit is now more legible in low lighting. Full back-lighting - above and beyond the odd LED - would have been nicer though, and the hardware jog wheels still stick in places unless a decent amount of pressure is applied.

Round the back there are the optional phono inputs for adding turntables or two line level devices. These separate inputs can then be set to use either side A or B of the audio mixer by a simple push of a button.

But now the really good news. Like the sticker says, Behringer has bundled in Traktor LE with the hardware which makes the 3000 a much better out-of-the-box DJing solution.

Installing everything on the Mac is a breeze this time too: simply install the Traktor LE software then plug the unit in via USB. Once Traktor is opened, all assignments work instantly and are sensibly configured.

Brilliantly, Traktor also makes the unit actually sound better this time around because of the superior EQ and overall audio decoding.

Controlling the FX section using the four rotaries at the top centre of the unit works well and enables fast control of FX flourishes and fills.

Much improved

We find it difficult to understand why anyone would purchase the BCD2000 when this unit is available for around £30 more.

The flexibility and reliability of Native Instruments' software front end is worth the extra alone. Plus, there's a 50% off voucher for a full upgrade to the flagship Traktor 3.

Traktor LE is a perfectly good piece of software and overall, the BCD3000 is a decent solution if you've just started DJing. This is the all-in-one controller Behringer should have released originally: it not have the build for hard gigging but it works and works well.


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