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Stone Deaf Trashy Blonde review

Deafen your neighbours

  • £160
  • €175

Our Verdict

A pedal blessed with tones to put a smile on a classic rocker’s face.


  • Some great tones.


  • Can be a little thin.

The Trashy Blonde’s artwork and name combo might not be to everyone’s tastes. 

That aside, how does it sound? Good, as it happens; the star of the show is the boost, which proves great for adding hair to a tube amp, and the versatile EQ-bump offered by the gain side adds versatility. 

Through the wrong amp, it can be a little thin unless at room-shaking volume or with the bass dimed, but there are enough usable tones in here to keep most classic rockers happy, especially with the handy paracentric EQ, which can be swept for wah/phaser-like sounds using an expression pedal.