Rode Complete Studio Kit review

A studio in a box!

  • £339

MusicRadar Verdict

An extremely solid entry point to the world of recording.


  • +

    A great set for beginners.


  • -

    Not the most fully featured interface.

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Recording your guitar doesn’t have to be difficult, however, for some it is still confusing. 

The array of mics, cables, software, boxes and buttons is a necessary learning curve for newcomers to achieving what you really want to do: get your ideas recorded. 

Rode’s Complete Studio Kit takes the stress out of this by providing an all-in-one solution straight out of the box. The kit consists of an old favourite in the shape of the Rode NT1 condenser mic, the newly- launched AI-1 - the first interface from microphone veteran, Rode - a suspension mount, vocal pop shield and even a copy of Ableton’s Live Lite recording software. 

The NT1 should be no stranger to budget-recording enthusiasts - since its introduction it has remained one of the ‘quietest’ (low noise) large diaphragm condenser mics on the market, and as such provides a brilliantly clear, transparent and noise-free way of capturing your acoustic or vocals, and is robust enough to position in front of your cab too (at sensible levels). 

The AI-1 interface takes a utilitarian approach: a combination mic preamp (with phantom power to power the mic)/instrument level input socket means you can record one source at once, meanwhile, the back of the unit is home to a USB port, plus a pair of outputs for connecting monitors. 

Overall, this represents an extremely solid entry-point to the world of recording: you might outgrow the interface, but for many it features exactly what’s needed and no more. Plus, the NT1 will remain a decent go-to mic indefinitely.

Stuart Williams

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