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LR Baggs Align Series Equalizer Pedal review

A real problem-solver

  • £219
  • €218
  • $179

Our Verdict

Sorts problems, balances tone, can match various instruments and tailor a specific EQ for each one.


  • Huge potential for tone-sculpting.


  • Considerably cheaper graphic EQ pedals are available.

Based on the circuit found in the Para Acoustic DI, the Align Equalizer offers a range of practical tone-shaping facilities. 

A three-position high-pass filter switch rolls off the bottom end below certain frequencies and can be set to tame boominess, but the main thrust of the pedal has to be the six small centre-detented knobs each with up to 9dB of cut or boost at the frequencies of 85Hz, 350Hz, 700Hz, 1.6kHz, 4.8kHz and 10kHz. 

These offer plenty of scope for improving the sound of your acoustic guitar’s pickups with carefully applied cuts and/or boosts that can get your tone right where you want it. 

There’s also a useful aid to feedback suppression via a notch filter that can attenuate a narrow band (notch) of the offending frequencies with a 20dB reduction. You simply find the problem area by moving the rotary knob until the feedback stops - it covers the bottom end and lower mids in a range that runs from 40 to 300Hz.