Z.Vex Vexter Super Seek Trem review

Step-sequencing tremolo fun

  • £266
  • €375
  • $329
A step sequencer of 16 volume pots, you set a level on each pot to create your tremolo pattern

MusicRadar Verdict

Tremolo taken an awful lot further than your standard box.


  • +

    Goes way beyond standard tremolo effects. Delivers spectacular results.


  • -

    Setting up sounds is a little complex.

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The Z.Vex Vexter Super Seek Trem uses a step sequencer to deliver the effect as a rhythmic pattern.

"The pedal is designed to go beyond a standard tremolo to deliver the effects in complex patterns"

Effectively a step sequencer of 16 volume pots, the pedal is designed to go beyond a standard tremolo to deliver the effects in complex patterns.

Basic operation sees your chosen number of volume pots set at a level between silence and full to create a tremolo pattern of your choice, while the speed of the pattern can be set with a knob or alternatively via a tap knob, MIDI clock input or connected expression pedal.

On top of this, there are various other functions such as glissando, which sets a slide from one step to the next, either globally or for individual steps.

Setting up sounds can be a bit complex, but the results can be spectacular, with many variations of hard or soft trem patterns - and you can store up to eight of them.

In summary, there's loads to explore if you like tremolo but want more complexity.

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