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Yerasov S-Compressor SC-3 review

Bargain compression with a boost

  • £54
The level knob is the S-Compressor's secret weapon

Our Verdict

Cost-effective compression with extra gain on tap.


  • Lovely level boost for solos etc. Nice, mild compression.


  • Tone control is disappointing.

The S-Compressor is similar to another Yerasov pedal, the Black Formica, but for less money.

"Turn the level up full, step on the footswitch and you'll get a lovely boost"

While it ostensibly offers the same four-knob functionality, a peek inside reveals differences in the circuitry that results in a very mild compression experience.

You can't really clamp down heavily on your signal here (if that's your bag, try the Black Formica instead), but it has a pleasant enough sound, and can offer a good amount of compression to even things out.

Unfortunately, the S-Compressor's tone control is disappointing - we'd have preferred something that can add a bit more bite - but the pedal has one very good thing in its favour, in that there is extra gain available that can drive an amp very nicely.

Turn the level up full, step on the footswitch and you'll get a lovely boost, combined with compression that should make your notes sing for solos.

Compression with a boost, if you need it, that doesn't cost a fortune.